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직무 개요
* Develop prototypes for neural networks or pipelines for various applications including but not limited to:
- 2D 3D object detection
- 2D 3D segmentation
- Synthetic data generation
- Sensor fusion (Camera + LiDAR)
Document and summarize progress through scientific papers and present your findings at conferences and events.

경력 요건
Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential, as the role involves:
- Authoring scientific papers for international journals and conferences.
- Active participation in weekly meetings with an international team.
Education: A Bachelor's degree in machine learning, computer science, or informatics from a prestigious university, plus a minimum of one
year of related work experience.
Work Experience: Involvement in at least one deep learning application project.
A thorough understanding of image processing and computer vision (knowledge of the OpenCV library is essential).
Expertise in Python and deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow or PyTorch preferred).
Exceptional programming ability and problem-solving skills.
Experience with a Linux operating environment.
* Advanced knowledge of various deep learning architectures, including CNNs, GANs, Transformers, and Diffusion Models.

- Negotiable

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제출 서류 및 기타
- 영문 이력서 및 자기소개서

담당 컨설턴트
- 손주현 부사장 / 02-2016-6653 /
`24.01.23(updated. `24.01.23)

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